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Vest Side View

Vest designer & MSF Instructor Rocketman showing off the Z-Me Vest side view


There is a growing number of vehicles on the roads today along with a significant increase of driving distractions such as cell phones, GPS, and use of other personal electronic devices. If you ride a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle, run or walk on the road, the need to make yourself more visible to other road users is more important to your safety today than ever before.


Not just words. Take another look at the top photo. How many riders do you see?  Never underestimate the visual power of the Rocketman Z-Me Vest.

YELLOW gets your attention faster than ANY other color. People notice YELLOW objects first. Even when you are looking straight ahead, you can see a yellow object that is not in front of you “in the corners of your eyes” much sooner than ANY other color, even red and orange. Scientists describe this as follows: “Lateral peripheral vision for detecting yellows is 1.24 times greater than for red or orange.” Many experts also point out that colors such as yellow or greenish-yellow are more visible to the human eye under dimmer conditions compared to red and orange.

Our riding safety vests are designed for motorcycle riders by a motorcyclist. We recently began offering vests for bicyclists, runners and walkers. Vests can be made in different colors and personalized with custom vinyl graphics on the back to identify you or your organization.

Rocketman Z-Me Vests are proudly made in the USA.

Our vests were featured by Moto Mouth Moshe in his Motorcycle Holiday Gift Guide 2017 (Z-Me vest feature begins at 3:43)


I wouldn’t think of riding without wearing my vest. Motorists definitely see me coming. I’d feel naked and nervous without it.
Bud Wilkinson, RIDE-CT columnist in “The Republican-American” and host of RIDE-CT.com



“Love my Rocketman Z-Me vest. I never leave home without it.” – NJ Jim wearing Rocketman Z-Me vest on the roll somewhere in Warren County, NY. See how well the vest stands out as he moves away.


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